Spring Release on the Horizon!

Hey team,

Quick update!

I spent most of last week working through the fine cut of our series with Cailleah and it. Is. Amazing.

We had a couple of friends drop by the editing suite, and shared a few scenes with our actors as they popped in to record their BTS interviews for our social media push. Everyone laughed heartily and sincerely - even those who aren't members of our target audience. The feedback we received was both thoughtful and mostly positive (a few tweaks here, a few nudges there), and we are coordinating with our colorist and post sound mixer as I write this very update. Most importantly, Daniel, Cailleah, and myself are all extremely proud of the work we've produced.

All of this means that we are on target for a March release - exact date TBD. 

If you're following along on FB and IG, you saw our latest shout out video post today! (If you missed it, the 1-minute social version is here). 

IF you're curious about the process of making such a video, you, our ever-loyal fans and supporters, can check out the 9-minute version below... truth be told, Daniel and I recorded nearly 20 minutes of footage. This is still just a little taste of how much goofing around we did in order to get that 1-minute clip above ;) 

As always, thankyouthankyouthankyou for your continued love and support!




Happy November!

Wholesome Foods, I Love You... Is That OK? Daniel De Santo and Krista Hovsepian on location

Hi team!

Update 14 includes some secret sauce extra special backers only content, so we'll post the blog here - minus the aforementioned secret sauce. 

As expected, we've had a few delays crop up - namely incredible opportunities that neither Cailleah nor myself could turn down including an opportunity for C to perform in China this month, and a conference at which I got to chat with some pretty amazing people (a few Emmy judges, the VPs of several digital media platforms, and Ricky Whittle himself). 

If you've been following along on Instagram, you've been tuning into some rough cut clips from the show via the stories feature. If you haven't hopped on over to IG to follow along yet, I can't think of a better time to get on board! (Seriously, just click here). We're also on the FB and the twitter - just search wfily series :) 

And... now it's back to work for team WFILY! We'll keep on motoring along - keep your eyes peeled for another update soon xx



That's a wrap!

Krista Hovsepian Wholesome Foods, I Love You... Is That OK?

And we're done... with the production part, that is! Still a steep mountain to climb, but catch up on how the shoot went over on KS and stay tuned for more updates soon xo



Ready to Rock!

We are locked, loaded, and ready to shoot this healthy baby (okay, maybe that was a weird way of putting it...). Hop on over to the KS Update Blog to see the progress we're making and where we're headed next <3 <3 <3