Hey team,

Quick update!

I spent most of last week working through the fine cut of our series with Cailleah and it. Is. Amazing.

We had a couple of friends drop by the editing suite, and shared a few scenes with our actors as they popped in to record their BTS interviews for our social media push. Everyone laughed heartily and sincerely - even those who aren't members of our target audience. The feedback we received was both thoughtful and mostly positive (a few tweaks here, a few nudges there), and we are coordinating with our colorist and post sound mixer as I write this very update. Most importantly, Daniel, Cailleah, and myself are all extremely proud of the work we've produced.

All of this means that we are on target for a March release - exact date TBD. 

If you're following along on FB and IG, you saw our latest shout out video post today! (If you missed it, the 1-minute social version is here). 

IF you're curious about the process of making such a video, you, our ever-loyal fans and supporters, can check out the 9-minute version below... truth be told, Daniel and I recorded nearly 20 minutes of footage. This is still just a little taste of how much goofing around we did in order to get that 1-minute clip above ;) 

As always, thankyouthankyouthankyou for your continued love and support!