Hello friends and fam!

This past week brought with it tons of excitement as Chris George (Cartwright) and Samara Stern (Alex) touched down in LA to join me for the 10th Annual Indie Series Awards. We had a great time touring around LA, and the awards ceremony was BE-AU-TI-FUL! 

Sam and I spent the day getting glammed up at MAC in Glendale, then met up with her husband (after grabbing smoothies at Whole Foods, of course), and Chris and his partner for the awards show in Burbank. While we didn't win, we did get our photos snapped on the red carpet, gabbed to a few reporters on camera, and ended up sitting next to Lou Diamond Phillips for the entire show (several Soap stars were in attendance too including Eric Martsholf and Kevin Spirtas). I had an absolute blast presenting Best Guest Actor in a Comedy and Best Original Score with actor/director Aden Hakimi too! We're told that an edited video version of the ceremony will be released later this month and will keep you posted as we learn more. 

On our way out of the theatre, I had one of the most surreal experiences of my career to date. Out of nowhere, three "autograph hunters" approached me, calling my name. They carried stacks of my headshots with them and, while handing me their respective Sharpies, asked me to sign several pictures for them. The experience caught us all off guard, but it will surely be remembered as one of the many, many highlights of the night (and hopefully a predictor of even greater successes to come!). 

We also recently found out that WFILY has been nominated for two awards in the New Media category at Miami Web Fest, where we'll be screening next month. We're up for Best Comedic Actress (oh, hi there :D), and Best Comedy as well. 

Thank you all again for coming on this journey with us and for the ongoing support! 




Here are a few pictures of us in decidedly fancier attire than the yoga wear featured in our series!

Krista Hovsepian - ISA10