Wholesome Foods, I Love You... Is That OK? is a romantic comedy about Julia, a lovably neurotic yoga teacher from Berlin who, while visiting her childhood best friend in Toronto, finds her one true love: Wholesome Foods Market. Unable to bear the thought of returning to a life devoid of pristine aisle after aisle of raw sprouted nuts, paleo treats, and organic non-GMO spicy jalapeño kale chips, Julia takes a leap of faith and decides to stay, making Toronto her permanent new home.

As her obsession with the market grows, she plans daily trips to the WF, bonding with her favorite store employees, giving advice to customers, and thoughtfully exploring what she likes to call “the Seven Wonders of the Secret Spice World”. She makes herself even more at home by practicing yoga in the middle of the beauty section. When she finds herself face-to-face with a cute guy in the snack aisle (Marko), everyone, including Julia’s roommates (Alex and Veronica) and the eccentric former-Harvard-badminton-pro-turned-hiphop-artist named Cartwright, begins to to wonder if maybe there isn’t more than “one true love” in Julia’s life.

A “coming of age story… for people of a certain age”, Wholesome Foods, I Love You… delves into the beautifully messy, complex, imperfect, and ungraceful moments that so many women in their 20s and 30s face today: grappling to find balance between being strong and feminine, between career and love & family life, between having it all and struggling to just keep afloat. It's through the eyes of those her love her the most that Julia learns to love herself and really go after what she wants, making bold moves and overcoming personal obstacles along the way. She may not have it all figured out, but this woman's got humor and heart. Besides, balance kind of overrated... isn't it?